PC’s & Laptops

Having Problems with your Desktop PC, Laptop or Apple Computer. We Can Help!

ivan2Complete Desktop PC, Laptop, Apple Mac, Apple Laptop repair and upgrade services.
Data Recovery Service: Accidentally deleted important files? Computer broke and you need your files? We can recover them for you.
Virus Removal Service: Caught a Virus? No problem we can help!
Computer Tuneup Service: Installed way to many programs and your computer works not that fast like it used to? We can refresh your system and bring it to out of box / factory reset condition and your computer will work just like you bought it brand new.
Having problem with your laptop?
We can help, our laptop repair most popular services are:
"Screen, Motherboard, Battery, Keyboard, Hinges replacement. Memory & Hard Drive replacement & upgrade. DC jack / Charging Port repair. Water Damage repair."
Data Destruction Service.
Selling your current computer? or Upgrading your old one, but got sensitive data you don’t want give away. We can D.O.D. wipe your hard drive (UNCONDITIONAL data erase Department Of Defense method)

Custom Build Computers

custom buildWe offer custom build computers, built from high quality components with extended warranty. These computers will fit to any environment of your business from affordable simple office computer to High End enthusiast class gaming RIG. You tell us what you need and we build it for you. Who wants to pay EXTRA for Branded Computers?

We also sell new, used and re-certified desktop and laptop computers as well as other electronics. We are dedicated to making sure that every client receives dependable, fast service at a fair price. We hope to become a service that you can always rely on.

Networking Solution

networking2We can help you to setup or troubleshoot your network LAN or WiFi at your office or home! If you need any assistance feel free to contact us.