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Sony Playstation: We Repair all generations: PS4, PS3, PSP, PS1, and PS2

Sales: Brand New, Used and Re-certified

YLOD – yellow light of death, RLOD – red light of death.
SONY PS3 – no video repair.
Laser – Laser lens replacement. OPTICAL DRIVE – replacement, repair, calibration.
POWER SUPPLY – replacement / repair.
HARD DRIVE – upgrade, re-installation of new operating system.
Game console Cleanup / Maintenance.
COOLING SYSTEMS – upgrades, mods, replacement.


xbox one xbox360Microsoft XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 sales and repairs.

Hard Drive: repair, upgrades

RROD – red ring of death repair.

E74 – E74 error repair.

HDMI port replacement.

No Video repair.

DVD DRIVE – optical drive replacement and repair.

Laser Lens replacement.

Cooling system upgrade.

Console cleanup and maintenance.

nintendo wii Nintendo3DSXLNintendo Wii sales and repair

No video repair.DVD DRIVE / LASER LENS repair and replacements
Nintendo 3DS, DS, DSi hardware and LCD Repair
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